Aqua Butterfly



Not everyone can Fly with You


we Live the Island Life all year round

The Bali Collection

Created with those free souls in mind, with Indonesian vibes at heart.

From the waterfalls, through the forests of the jungle…

To the waves and the Sunsets by the Sea.

The free spirits and the surfers who live forever young at heart…

The travellers, the hippies, the hipsters and the fashionable, stylish, queens of the sea.

Combinations for all girls out there spreading the AQUA magic!

The collection flows with the vibes of each magical beach in Bali, with colours to match the beauty all around the island. Read on the story behind each unique style and you will understand the magic of every piece especially designed for you Aqua Girls out there!

Much Love and Salty Hugs to all of you Happy Souls radiating the energy of the Sun! 

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