Aqua Butterfly



beach towels Cyprus

Yes, I am a Butterfly!

An aqua Butterfly… in many different ways I guess.

Born and raised in the water.

A pro-swimmer and 2-times Olympian in the stroke of Butterfly.

Retired from chlorine and found myself again in the water, only this time with a bit of salt… And a board. Or I should say boards. And wings.

I became a Kitesurfer. Yes, I fly with beautiful colourful wings. Can’t really describe this Feeling… some of you might understand.

In between,

I surf, catching those waves of Freedom…

I cruise on a SUP board…

I scuba dive…

I go snorkelling and swim underwater, discovering magic places. Most people would also call me a mermaid.

And when I feel like doing nothing…

I still lay out on the sand catching the energy of the Sun!

So this is me in a nutshell…

Loving the Soul Freedom of a Butterfly.

The colours of their Beautiful Wings.

A free spirit. Hard to catch and difficult to keep.

But always coming back to where my heart is.

The Sea… the Sun… the Sand…